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BlueLounge Mini Dock iPhone/iPod Charger

BlueLounge Mini Dock iPhone/iPod Charger
BlueLounge Mini Dock iPhone/iPod Charger
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  • Model: MD-US
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  • UPC: 736211527578
  • MPN: MD-US

MiniDock allows you to charge your favorite iPhone or iPod with your existing Apple USB Power Adapter

  • Note: The MiniDock does not come with a power adapter. Users of either iPhone or iPod will already own a power adapter
  • Your device sits upright in the MiniDock while it charges directly into the wall socket, allowing you to free up counter or tabletop space
  • Small and simple, MiniDock enables users to make the most of their upright devices while they charge
  • Connect the MiniDock to an electrical outlet and charge your device upright in any room
  • Completely versatile for use in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or any room where charging the iPhone or iPod directly into the wall makes sense
  • MiniDock is also the ideal travel companion as it's light weight, small, practical and versatile

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