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Air Duster 152A - 10 Pack

Air Duster 152A - 10 Pack
Air Duster 152A - 10 Pack
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  • Model: 402B-285G
  • SKU: 402B-285G
  • UPC: 779008402269
  • MPN: 402B-285G

  • Use for removing dust, lint, and foreign particles
  • Zero residue
  • Variable valve allows greater user control
  • Ozone safe
  • HFC 152a is rated as non-flammable when subjected to the 'Test for determining the flashback and the length of the flame projection of flammable product enclosed in a spray container' of the Canadian Hazardous Products Act
  • This product is not defined as flammable by 1500.3 (c)(6),16 CFR, Fed. Haz. Substance Act, C.P.S.C. Regs

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