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Aluratek Bump APS02F Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Aluratek Bump APS02F Portable Bluetooth Speaker System - 3 W RMS - 80 Hz to 20 kHz - Battery Rechargeable - USB

Technical Information

  • Impedance 4 Ohm Speaker
  • Driver Type 1.57" (39.88 mm)
  • Features LED Indicator
  • Operating Distance 33 ft
  • Minimum Frequency Response 80 Hz
  • Maximum Frequency Response 20 kHz
  • Portable Yes


  • Product Type Speaker System
  • Power Source Battery
  • Form Factor Portable
  • Manufacturer Aluratek, Inc
  • Brand Name Aluratek
  • Bluetooth Yes
  • Wireless LAN No
  • USB Yes
  • RMS Output Power 3 W
  • iPod Supported Yes
  • Wireless Speaker(s) Yes

Physical Characteristics

  • Weight (Approximate) 113.4 g
  • Height 2.50" (63.50 mm)
  • Width 2.50" (63.50 mm)
  • Depth 2" (50.80 mm)

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