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Arozzi Visione VX-500 - Light Blue / Black

Introducing Visione, Arozzi's latest product to enhance productivity, comfort, and longevity for PC gamers and other power users. Already renowned for the high-performance seating products we take our expertise to the next area that can help keep you in the game...your eyes. Visione glasses reduce artifacts from electronic screens and increase clarity. They reduce eye fatigue and therefore allow you to focus more on your games and having fun.


  • By reducing potentially harmful and distracting blue light they help eliminate unwanted artifacts, increase image clarity, and visual acuity while reducing eye fatigue.
  • Visione glasses also filter over 99% of UV rays and have photo sensitive lenses that automatically adjust for varying light conditions.
  • Blocks up to 50% of shortwave blue light in the critical 400nm-500nm frequency range
  • Ideal for long gaming sessions or other users who spend continuous hours at electronic screens
  • Effectively reduces eye strain and fatigue and potential side effects such as dryness and soreness
  • Visione glasses are designed to the highest standards and are CE approved and FDA registered
  • Available in a variety of fashionable frames and colors to fit your style.

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