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Astro Gaming A10 Headset for PS4 (Grey/Blue)

Made to out-last your game, the A10 Headset features durable construction and extended comfort so you can play longer with no down-time. A 3.5mm jack provides compatibility with nearly any device including most mobile phones and tablets. The A10 Headset is tuned for gaming with ASTRO Audio, ensuring you hear your game and your teammates with clarity and precision. With the omnidirectional mic featuring flip-up mute functionality and in-line Volume Control, you'll have total command of your gaming audio experience.

  • ASTRO Audio provides a neutral, smooth, and extended frequency spectrum for detailed, true-to-life sound with non-fatiguing highs, clear mids, and tight, distortion-free bass
  • Over-ear, sound-isolating design minimizes ambient noise so you can stay focused in-game
  • Memory foam ear cushions minimize fatigue, ensuring you can play as long as you want in complete comfort
  • Omni-directional boom microphone provides clear, low-noise and low-latency communication
  • Mic is equipped with a flip-up mute function and in-line volume control to give you full command over your gaming audio experience
  • A 3.5mm jack offers compatibility with nearly any device, including your smartphone or other mobile device
  • Durable headband is made of anodized aluminum wrapped in a damage resistant polycarbonate blend

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