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Atdec 525mm long pole with 422mm articulated arm - Silver AF-AT-P

The AF-AT is the ideal ergonomic, space-saving desk monitor mount for corporate or home offices. The display can be set to ideal height in portrait or landscape orientation and ball-bearing arm joints ensure smooth long-life operation. Optional 360° rotation makes sharing your screen simple. Quick-release/attachment display mechanism makes installation and swapping monitors a one-person operation and cables are cleverly managed for a clean, professional look. Comes with bolt through and desk clamp mounting options.


  • Flat-screen monitors: maximum load up to 17.6lb
  • Curved screen monitors: maximum load up to 12lb
  • Landscape or portrait viewing
  • Engineered bearing joints for smooth movement
  • Quick-release display head with security screw
  • Glare control and optimal viewing angle adjustment via tilt and pan capabilities
  • Focal distance control
  • Individual monitor height requirements settings
  • Offset displays position

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