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Atdec dual stack or single monitor desk mount VFS-DV

The VFS-DV freestanding desk mount is designed to mount two screens one on top of the other. Both monitors can be independently adjusted up to 20° in any direction and rotated between landscape and portrait screen orientations. The unique QuickShift™ lever provides independent height adjustment without the need for a single tool. An elegant design with a footprint of 16.61" x 12" leaves your desk clear of clutter. The freestanding base provides flexibility to be located anywhere on the desk. This mount can be converted into a single display configuration by removing one of the VESA heads. Such configuration can support screens up to 43" in a landscape or portrait orientation.


  • 2 x flat or curved screen monitors up to 32in (16:9), 26.5lb or less
  • "2 x flat or curved screen monitors up to 32in (16:9), 26.5lb or less
  • 2 x curved ultrawide or super widescreen monitors up to 49in (21:9), 26.5lb or less
  • 1 x flat screen monitors up to 43in (16:9), 26.5lb or less in a landscape or portrait orientation
  • VESA 75x75 or 100x100
  • Viewing angle adjustment of 20° in any direction
  • Both monitors can be adjusted independently using the QuickShift™ lever mechanism, tool-free
  • The quick display release mechanism for easy installation
  • The freestanding base included, can be placed anywhere and moved easily
  • Can be fixed to the desk using an optional accessory (AC-GC, sold separately)
  • Can be used for dual and single display configurations
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Material: lightweight and durable anodized aluminum

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