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Keyboard Shortcuts

Posted by JMclean 04/11/2018 0 Comment(s)


Keyboard Shortcuts You Are Not Using.

# CTRL + Z (Undo any mistake)
Most users do not know the ultimate power of CTRL + Z, you can undo almost any action. If you mistakenly delete a file or move a file, the CTRL + Z can bring it back to where it was. The CTRL + Z is not limited to the windows interface, you can also use it on different programs like FL-studio. lets say your making a beat and you mistakenly delete a track, The CTRL + Z will get it back for you.
So if you have not been using the CTRL + Z to its full capacity, you should start using it to fix little mistakes.
Force Close Running Program
Lets say a running program on your PC suddenly becomes laggy/slowor maybe it is not responding as it should you can quickly/forcefully close it by touching ALT + F4 simultaneously.
#Minimize Everything
Sometimes you have a lot of programs running and want it them all to go away (minimize), so that you can get to the desktop, pressing windows Start symbol + D will minimize everything. This will save you some time other than pressing the minimize button for each application or window. You can also use Windows Start symbol + M but there is no undoing, windows Start symbol + D is more favourable.
#Quickly Rename A File
Did you know there’s a shortcut for renaming files/folders? yes there is. with just a button you can rename your files and folder. To achieve this simply press F2 while a file is selected. you can also do this for renaming many files, just select all files you want to rename, tap F2 and type in the new name, all files will be automatically renamed. All files can’t bear same name, but not to worry, your PC will automatically assign a suffix. example (1), (2), (3) and so on for all the files.
#Quick Lock
If it takes your computer ages to lock when you get up, and thus leaving your files accessible and vulnerable to friends or young ones, you can lock your PC by pressing the Windows Start symbol + L buttons simultaneously, your PC will immediately lock requiring a password. 
#Play Mp3 files and Movie On Google Chrome Browser
Did you know that you can play mp3 files and movies o your google chrome browser?
All you have to do to achieve this is to simply drag the mp3 or the Mp4 file as the case may be, drag and drop on your already opened google chrome browser. The file should play automatically
# Easily Reverse an Undo
Have you ever mistakenly pressed the CTRL + Z button at the same time to undo a mistake? or so as to go back to a previous format or setting?
Well, mosttimes we undo stuff and regret why we did, and we’ll have to start the whole process again.
I have goodnews, you can undo an undo by simply pressing the CRTL + Y button at the same time.
# Delete Word for Word
You can use this command to delete text word for word instead deleting letters, to delete word for word press the CTRL + Backspace at the same time.
# Play Games by Just searching on Google
Pacman – You can play pacman on Google by just searching the keyword ”Pacman” on Google without the quotes, after the search result appears, you will see a pacman interface, just click and start playing.
Zerg rush – You can also play a game called zerg rush by simply searching the keyword ”zerg rush” on Google without the quotes.
# Make Your Google Screen To Roll over
This is the last in my list of computer tricks, but it is definately not the least, with this tip you can make your google search screen to do a roll by searching ”do a barrel roll” on google search without the quotes.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

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 Keyboard Shortcuts You Are Not Using.# CTRL + Z (Undo any mistake) Most users do not know the ultimate power of CTRL + Z, you can undo almost any act...
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