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Cougar MX350 Gaming PC Case

With a transparent front panel and a massive tempered glass side window, MX350 offers you a high-end design with a clear vision of your computer's internal components. Add to this an impressive support for cooling and components, and you've got one of the best mid-towers ever.

  • Massive expandability with 7 PCI slots which support up to 350mm long graphics cards. Add up the capability to hold two 2.5 SSDs and two 3.5 HDD's and your PC can run and store all the 4K/60fps games you want.
  • Includes 2 Cougar VORTEX LED Fans Pre-Installed (120mm)
  • Supports up to five 120mm fans or four water cooling radiators
  • Includes a cover to hide away your power supply units and extra cables for a minimalist look.

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