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Dark Blader-S Gaming PC Case

Cougars New Dark Blader series introduces an elegant and premium design with a high-performance gaming PC Case with superior compatibility.

  • Distinctive Style with Elegant Design: DarkBlader-G’s brushed aluminum front panel and asymmetrical design bring a unique and modern style to your build.
  • Massive Visibility: The full tempered glass panels not only help you to display the interior high-end components, but also showcase the stunning RGB lighting.
  • Ultimate Cable Management: The cable management bar at the left side and the cable management cover at the other side provide a clear view and excellent airflow. Moreover, the graphic cardholder helps your high-performance components with better stability.
  • Top-notch Gaming Hardware: To offer top-notch performance, DarkBlader-G is able to house a mighty build. Its excellent support for high-end graphics cards and up to E-ATX motherboards bring you unprecedented levels of freedom when designing your system.
  • Superior Cooling: DarkBlader-G allows you to create impressive cooling solutions. With great support for up to 360mm water cooling radiator and seven fans, you will enjoy more than enough cooling horsepower to keep advanced components safe from overheating.

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