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Defend Flex 8 - 6ft

Surge protector with 8 180° rotating outlets to protect your electronics from dangerous power surges.

  • Eight Surge Protected Outlets- Surge-protected outlets with full power supplied to all
  • 6ft Heavy Duty Power Cord- 6ft power cord with a flat offset plug allows for convenience and space conservation
  • 180° Rotating Outlets- Outlets can be rotated in different directions for easy and flexible use
  • Cord Management- Integrated cord management design to avoid cable mess
  • Safety Reset Feature- Safely shuts off power when your electronics need protection
  • Phone Line Protection- Ensures your phones, modems, and fax machines are protected from damage caused by phone line surges
  • 2160 Joule Energy Rating- Provides superior power protection for all of your electronic devices against dangerous surges
  • Surge Protection Indicators- The SURGE light lets you know your equipment is secure and protected and the GROUND light detects faulty wiring when not lit

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