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Dell P2417H 23.8" LED LCD Monitor

More productive than ever. The Dell 24 Monitor | P2417H brings a whole new level of productivity to the workplace without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

  • Purposefully designed for comfort and convenience: With a full range of adjustable features, slim borders, and multiple connectivity ports.
  • The enhanced viewing experience: Dell ComfortView and Easy Arrange features make work less strenuous and more efficient when viewing vividly clear visuals across an ultrawide viewing angle.
  • Reliable and Responsible: Get a complete piece of mind with Premium Panel Guarantee, Advanced Exchange Service and an eco-friendly design.

Physical Characteristics

  • Weight (Approximate): 3.33 kg 
  • Height with Stand: 19.37" (492.10 mm) 
  • Weight with Stand (Approximate): 5.88 kg 
  • Width with Stand: 21.65" (549.80 mm) 
  • Depth with Stand: 7.09" (180 mm) 
  • Width: 21.65" (549.80 mm) 
  • Height: 12.83" (326 mm) 
  • VESA Mount Compatible: Yes 
  • Color: Black 
  • Depth: 1.98" (50.30 mm)  

Technical Information

  • Screen Mode: Full HD 
  • Screen Size: 23.8" 
  • Number of Screens:
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 
  • Response Time: 6 ms 
  • Backlight Technology: LED 


  • USB: Yes 
  • DisplayPort: Yes 
  • HDMI: Oui 
  • VGA: Oui 

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