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Ducky LTD Edition YOTP - MX Blue

Part of Ducky's limited edition Zodiac collection, this years model The Year of the Pig, draws inspiration from the rich history of the Paiwan people, a significant indigenous group of Taiwan. Intricately designed by Master Kulele, a metal cut-out piece of a Cosmic God is found on the top side of the keyboard. The Paiwan people believe that wild boars were placed on this earth by the Cosmic god to teach them the meaning of bravery and vigor.

  • One piece metal casing made from cast aluminum made from a one piece mold with incredibly smooth curves and lines that you can't get from CNC cutting machine.
  • Ducky's exclusive Year of the Pig keycap set includes beautifully designed red keycaps with one of a kind legends, the YOTP spacebar and four custom dye-sub keycaps inspired by Paiwan glass beads. These unique keycaps are meant to represent Love, Courage, Nobility and Agility which are all significant traits of Paiwan history
  • Bronze metal plate on the back of the case bring together Taiwan's culture of metal working with the past history of the Paiwan culture illustrated in one beautiful piece.
  • With some clever adjustments to the orientation of the bottom right hand side of the keyboard, ducky has been able to sneak in the arrow keys which are missing from a standard 60% layout. With this added space to the keyboard they have also included the delete, pg up & pg down keys on the upper right hand side of the keyboard.
  • New RGB Interface - The new interface allows you to now customize the RGB lighting via software while still being able to customize it manually without software on the physical keyboard
  • Genuine Cherry MX Blue Switches - Experience all the hype of clicky tactile feedback with genuine Blue Cherry MX switches, made in Germany.
  • Double Shot Keycaps - Experience comfort and clarity with Duckys double shot molded keycaps made from PBT and ABS plastics. The absolute best keycaps for the office, casual use and for gaming
  • USB N-Key Rollover - Have confidence in your keystrokes as ducky keyboards can handle any number of simultaneous key presses. This can also be switched to 6-Key Rollover
  • True RGB Backlighting - Customize your backlighting with complete RGB customization. Use the single key function to map out zones, and choose the exact colour with Ducky's RGB blending functions
  • Backlighting Effects - Choose from an assortment of preset backlighting effects and adjust the speed of the animations to your liking
  • Ducky Macro V2.0 - Remap your keyboard layout and save up to 6 profiles. Plus 3 implementation options and 6 record options
  • World Renowned Build Quality - Above an beyond build quality with dual layer PCB (circuit board), SMD RGB lights soldered from the back and strong PBT plastics provide a solid unit with a longer life expectancy
  • Two stage feet with rubber stoppers provide a firm platform at your desired angle
  • Detachable Cable - Includes a detachable USB-C cable for easy transporation and replacement.

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