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E-Blue 3-in-1 EKM828 Gaming Combo Set

Get all you need in one package. E-Blue EHM828 is the ideal 3-in-1 package to have for a complete gaming experience. The kit includes a wired keyboard, headset, and mouse.

Wired Keyboard

  • Ergonomic streamline design with the standard 104 keys layout delivers maximum comfort
  • Unique blue illumination gives an extra touch
  • Up to 10 million switch lifespan for fast response and precision
  • Durable laser etched keycaps ensure durability
  • Customizable 8pcs gaming keycaps for replacement


  • Adjustable headband and extra-large size ear cushions for ergonomic comfort
  • Chat and Play freely with the glowing and highly sensitive microphone
  • 50mm large neodymium drivers deliver deep bass with crystal clear sound

Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

  • Ergonomically designed streamline shape with the skin-like surface for perfect grip
  • Unique blue illumination
  • 4 levels of resolution DPI settings
  • Ultra-fast 2400DPI for precise tracking
  • Back and forward buttons allow surfing easily from one page to the next and back in one click

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