Cougar IMMERSA Lightweight Gaming Headset

Cougar IMMERSA Lightweight Gaming Headset


Cougar IMMERSA’s unique headset design allows you to reach new levels of comfort. Built with carefully chosen materials, IMMERSA’s ultra lightweight will allow you to wear it for extended periods of time without experiencing any kind of discomfort. The 100mm ear pads will always keep your ears comfortably covered and isolated from external noise. To fit all head shapes and sizes, IMMERSA´s flexible structure and automatic omni-directional adaptation will allow it to perform a 360º adjustments to maximize your comfort. • Impressive high quality stereo sound endowed in a 40mm Neodymium magnet drivers for crisp and clear audio

• Ultra-lightweight suspended leather like headband design for long time use and maximum comfort
• 100mm extra-large ear pads for more isolation and comfort
• Automatic Omni-directional adaptive ear shells with 360° adjustment for a perfect fit in all situations
• Included adapter will allow you to use IMMERSA with virtually any device, including laptops, phones, tablets and desktop computers
• Retractable microphone is flexible, convenient and durable
• Noise cancelling technology to help filter out background noise and make sure that your voice is transmitted clearly
• Control unit on the cable with volume control and microphone on/off functions for your convenience
• Braided cable for extra durability

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