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Kaspersky Internet Security for 1 Device Download (1 Year)

Kaspersky Internet Security for 1 Device Download (1 Year)
Kaspersky Internet Security for 1 Device Download (1 Year)
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  • Model: KIS1DEV1YR-DL
  • UPC: 083832314217

Kaspersky Internet Security provides superior protection to computers, tablets, and phones. It combines ease of use with innovative safety technology - to protect your privacy, money, and identity from viruses and hacking. When you go online shopping or banking – it protects your money & account details; when you socialize – it safeguards your identity; when you surf – it prevents attacks; when you download or stream – it blocks infected files.


  • SECURITY: Defends against viruses, spyware, phishing, dangerous websites & more
  • PERFORMANCE: Protects – without slowing you down
  • SIMPLICITY: Simplifies security – to save you time and hassle
  • PRIVACY: Helps you keep your private life… private
  • MONEY: Adds extra security layers when you’re online banking & shopping – on your computer
  • PARENTAL CONTROL: Safeguards your kids – on their computers
  • PC, MAC & MOBILE: Secures your devices – in any combination

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