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Koss SB45 USB - headset

Koss SB45 USB Communication Headsets - Stereo - USB - Wired - 100 Ohm - 18 Hz - 20 kHz - Over-the-head - Binaural - Circumaural - 8 ft Cable - Noise Reduction Microphone

Audio System

  • Type :Headset
  • Recommended Use :Computer

Audio Output

  • Headphones Ear-Parts Type :Full size
  • Available Microphone :Yes
  • Connectivity Technology :Wired
  • Connectivity Interfaces :USB
  • Sound Output Mode :Stereo
  • Frequency Response :18 - 20000 hertz
  • Sensitivity :103 decibel
  • Impedance :100 ohm
  • Magnet Material :Anisotropic ferrite
  • Cable Length :2.4 metre

Audio Input

  • Microphone Mounting Type :Boom


  • Connector Type :Headset (4 pin USB Type A)

Cable Details

  • Cables Included :Headset cable - single-sided - straight - 2.4 m


  • Color Category :Silver, Black

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