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The ThinkVision S24e-10 is a high-performance monitor specifically meant for your work in the office. With a 23.8-inch FHD VA panel, enjoy a 178° wide viewing angle with crystal-clear detail and vivid colors and high contrast ratio (3000). The excellent display performance and functions also optimize your working experience.

With the bezel width (side) being just 2.0 mm, the NearEdgeless FHD In-Plane Switching display offers an effective solution for a multi-display connection, enabling a seamless visual experience. The multiple ports include VGA and HDMI that lets you expand your capabilities. Choose where you want your monitor, on a tilt-stand or on the wall. Low Blue Light certification by TÜV ensures these displays are easy on the eyes, allowing you to watch much more.

Technical Information

  • Number of Screens:   1
  • Viewable Screen Size:   23.8"
  • Screen Mode:   Full HD
  • Response Time:   4 ms
  • Pixel Pitch:   10.81 mil (0.27 mm)
  • Backlight Technology:   WLED


  • Maximum Resolution:   1920 x 1080
  • Color Supported:   16.7 Million Colors
  • Native Contrast Ratio:   3,000:1
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio:   3,000,000:1
  • Brightness:   250 cd/m²
  • Color Gamut:   72% NTSC (CIE 1931)


  • HDMI:   Yes
  • VGA:   Yes

Physical Characteristics

  • VESA Mount Compatible:   Yes
  • VESA Mount Standard:   100 x 100
  • Color:   Raven Black
  • Height:   12.82" (325.70 mm)
  • Width:   21.24" (539.50 mm)
  • Depth:   1.63" (41.50 mm)
  • Height with Stand:   15.85" (402.70 mm)
  • Width with Stand:   21.24" (539.50 mm)
  • Depth with Stand:   7.87" (200 mm)
  • Weight (Approximate):   3.07 kg
  • Weight with Stand (Approximate):   3.36 kg

Package Contents:  

  • ThinkVision S24e-10 23.8-inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor
  • Stand
  • 1 x HDMI Cable
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • Quick setup guide
  • Energy Star:   Yes
  • Environmentally Friendly:   Yes
  • Environmental Certification:   ENERGY STAR 7.0
  • Environmental Certification:   EPEAT Gold
  • Environmental Certification:   RoHS
  • Environmental Certification:   ULE Gold

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