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By making typing easy even in the dark, this illuminated keyboard ensures your TV entertainment is fun and hassle-free. Keys are sharp, bright, and comfortable to read thanks to smart illumination. Type and the keys illuminate. Stop typing and the backlight turns off after 7 seconds to save power. There are a time and a place for a mouse, but it's not your knee or the arm of your couch. K830 makes navigation a whole lot more convenient by combining a wireless keyboard and a touchpad into one device. Control the pointer precisely and accurately from a distance with the built-in multi-touch touchpad. Navigate with both hands. The point with your right hand, click with your left, using the additional left click button.


  • Keyboard/Keypad Connectivity Technology:   Wireless
  • Keyboard/Keypad Wireless Technology:   Bluetooth
  • Hot Keys:   Mute
  • Hot Keys:   Volume Down
  • Hot Keys:   Volume Up
  • Localization:   English

Pointing Device

  • Pointing Device Type:   TouchPad

Physical Characteristics

  • Keyboard/Keypad Height:   0.65" (16.50 mm)
  • Keyboard/Keypad Width:   14.45" (367 mm)
  • Keyboard/Keypad Depth:   4.93" (125.30 mm)
  • Weight (Approximate):   495 g


  • Device Supported:   TV

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