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Logitech Rally - Speaker - for conference system - 3" - for Rally A second Rally Speaker fills large rooms with clear audio. Voices and video come from the front of the room, never from behind you. The anti-vibration enclosure prevents distortion and camera shake. Exceptional clarity and coverage at comfortable volume levels. The patent-pending suspension system eliminates vibration-induced camera shake and audio interference. Mini XLR cable connects to Rally Display Hub for both signal and power.

Technical Information

  • Features:   Echo Cancellation

Physical Characteristics

  • Color:   Black
  • Mount Type:   Wall Mountable
  • Height:   4.06" (103 mm)
  • Width:   17.68" (449 mm)
  • Depth:   3.15" (80 mm)

Package Contents:  

  • Rally Speaker
  • Mini XLR cable
  • Documentation

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