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LifeProof iPhone X Slam Pink/Purple Free Flow

LifeProof iPhone X Slam Pink/Purple Free Flow
LifeProof iPhone X Slam Pink/Purple Free Flow
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Rock every disastrous roll with SLAM for Apple iPhone X, the first LifeProof case dedicated to drops -and styled to get noticed wherever you take it.

  • Apple iPhone X
  • Clear
  • 144 X 71 X 7.7 mm
  • SLAM is built to bounce back from punishing falls onto unforgiving floors.
  • SLAM lets you ditch the charging cable -it's fully compatible with a QI wireless charging base.
  • Clean lines, a screenless front and a burst of colour around the edges give SLAM its unmistakably urban air.
  • SLAM keeps your ports, controls and features open, so your iPhone works and sounds like no case is there.

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