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Logitech MK120 Desktop Corded Combo Set

Durable, Desktop MK120 brings comfort, style, and USB simplicity together. The desktop set includes a high-definition optical mouse and comfortable, quiet keyboard that's sleek and sturdy. The responsive mouse offers smooth cursor control with the high-definition optical tracking (1000 dpi). Low-profile keys on the keyboard barely make a sound. Standard layout includes a curved space bar, full-size F-keys and number pad.


  • Keyboard/Keypad Type:   Keyboard
  • Keyboard/Keypad Connectivity Technology:   Cable
  • Keyboard/Keypad Features:   Slim
  • Keyboard/Keypad Features:   Low-profile Keys
  • Keyboard/Keypad Features:   Quiet Keys
  • Keyboard/Keypad Features:   Spill-Resistant
  • Number of Keys:   104

Pointing Device

  • Pointing Device Type:   Mouse
  • Pointing Device Connectivity Technology:   Cable
  • Movement Detection:   Optical
  • Movement Resolution:   1000 dpi
  • Number of Total Buttons:   3
  • Scroller Type:   Scroll Wheel


  • Keyboard/Keypad Host Interface:   USB
  • Pointing Device Host Interface:   USB

Physical Characteristics

  • Keyboard/Keypad Height:   18.70" (474.98 mm)
  • Keyboard/Keypad Depth:   9.10" (231.14 mm)
  • Keyboard/Keypad Weight (Approximate):   680.4 g

Package Contents:  

  • MK120 Keyboard and Mouse
  • User documentation
  • System Requirements:   Windows-based PC:
  • Windows® XP, Windows Vista® or Windows® 7, Windows® 8
  • Two available USB ports
  • Linux:
  • Linux® kernel 2.6+
  • Two available USB ports
  • Device Supported:   Computer
  • Recycled:   No
  • Assembly Required:   No
  • Environmentally Friendly:   Yes
  • Environmental Certification:   WEEE
  • Environmental Certification:   RoHS

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