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The beauty of S.T.R.I.K.E. 4 lies in its elegant simplicity while still achieving the highest durability and unparalleled user experience with toughness aluminum faceplate. Double-shot injection molding fuses two pieces of plastic together for a seamless and extremely durable KEYBOARD and keycaps with perfect legends, which never wear down, cannot be felt and looks clean. Ultra-reliable mechanical switches with an industry-standard life of 50 million strikes ensure that even the highest Actions Per Minute (APM) gamers will never miss a move.

The greatest thing is all these practical designs are going at an affordable price.

Input Device

  • Anti-ghosting :Yes
  • Backlit :RGB / 16.8 million colors
  • Cable Length :5 ft
  • Connectivity Technology :Wired
  • Interface :USB
  • Key Switch Type :CHERRY MX Red
  • Key/Button Function :Macros buttons
  • Keyboard Technology :Mechanical
  • Numeric Keypad :Yes
  • Product Type :Keyboard

Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)

  • Shipping Depth :8.3 in
  • Shipping Height :1.9 in
  • Shipping Weight :2.73 lbs
  • Shipping Width :19.8 in

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