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Plantronics CS545-XD Earset

The Plantronics CS500 XD Wireless Headset Series was designed to address wireless density issues so that more wireless headsets can be used in the same space while maintaining clear conversations. Using 900 MHz technology, the CS500 XD Series provides up to 350 feet of range and includes a convertible headset with a hot-swappable battery (CS545-XD) for unlimited talk time.

Technical Information

  • Connectivity Technology:   Wireless
  • Wireless Technology:   RF
  • Wireless Operating Distance:   350 ft
  • Sound Mode:   Mono
  • Features:   Lightweight
  • Features:   Digital Signal Processing


  • Earpiece Design:   Over-the-ear
  • Earpiece Design:   Over-the-head
  • Earpiece Type:   Monaural


  • Microphone Technology:   Noise Cancelling
  • Microphone Design:   Boom


  • Earpiece Controls:   Volume
  • Earpiece Controls:   Call/Answer/End
  • Microphone Controls:   Mute

Physical Characteristics

  • Form Factor:   Outer-ear
  • Weight (Approximate):   21 g

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