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Samsung 690 HG49NF690GF 49"

In today's fast-paced hospitality environments, convenience is key - both for guests seeking immediate access to everything needed for an exceptional stay and for hotel staff seeking more efficient ways to deliver it. Through thorough compatibility and intuitive design, Samsung's new HF690 displays make it easier for these facilities to delight guests. Backed by the powerful Tizen OS, the HF690 series offers both compelling content and fast access to essential services through customizable, easy-to-navigate menus.


  • HDMI: Yes 
  • Total Number of HDMI Ports:
  • USB: Yes 
  • VGA: Non 


  • DLNA Certified: Yes 

Package Contents:

  • Remote Control
  • Batteries
  • Power Cable
  • Quick Install Guide
  • Data Cable
  • Stand Mount Kit
  • Security Screws
  • Screwed Battery Cover

Network & Communication

  • Bluetooth: Yes 
  • Ethernet: Yes 
  • Wireless LAN: Yes 

Physical Characteristics

  • Color: Glossy Black 
  • Depth: 2.92" (74.20 mm) 
  • Depth with Stand: 8.91" (226.40 mm) 
  • Height: 25.59" (650 mm) 
  • Height with Stand: 27.56" (700.10 mm) 
  • Weight (Approximate): 9.90 kg 
  • Weight with Stand (Approximate): 12.90 kg 
  • Width: 44.05" (1118.80 mm) 
  • Width with Stand: 44.05" (1118.80 mm) 

Technical Information

  • Features: On/Off Timer 
  • Wall Mountable 
  • Web Browser 
  • Interactive Features: Voice Guidance 
  • Internet Access: Yes 
  • PC Streaming: Yes 
  • Screen Size: 49" 
  • Screen Size Class: 49" (1244.60 mm) 
  • Smart TV: Oui 
  • Viewable Screen Size: 49" 
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 
  • Backlight Technology: LED 
  • Electronic Program Guide: Yes 
  • Features: Energy Saving Mode 
  • Hotel Mode 


  • Digital Tuner: ATSC 
  • Motion Interpolation Technology: PQI 400Hz 
  • Scan Format: 1080p 
  • Video Signal Standard: HDTV 

Power Description

  • Input Voltage: 120 V AC 

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