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Samsung T7 MU-PC2T0K/WW 2 TB Portable SSD

Consumers constantly on the go between work, play, and passion projects, want to be able to bring their content with them, securely. Samsungs Portable SSD T7 Touch, an external storage drive, allows consumers to do just that, as it delivers industry-leading transfer speeds and fingerprint security. The T7 Touch is future-proofed to keep up with storage demands in the growing content landscape, which includes 8K and 4K footage. The drive is compatible with most devices thanks to USB connectivity, allowing, content creators, photographers, and gamers to access their data whether using a PC, console, tablet, or smartphone.

Primary Information

  • Hard Drive / Hot Swap: Yes
  • Hard Drive Capacity / HDD: 2.00 TB
  • Hard Drive / Interface Type: USB
  • SSD / Read Speed: 1050 MBps
  • SSD / Write Speed: 1000 MBps

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