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The V100 mid-tower chassis features one preinstalled 120mm fan and supports up to a standard ATX Motherboard. The V100 supports the latest PC hardware and all high-end GPU solutions, guarantees on unparalleled expandability for high-end configurations, and liquid cooling system to satisfy the market where users have opted for stylish PC chassis with advanced features and aesthetic appeal.

  • With a bold and elegant design, the V100 has a clear appearance that evokes a sense of style. The small trim on the front of the V100 makes this economical chassis the number one choice in its class.
  • Equipped with full coverage of the power supply unit with a ventilation hole to hide these unsightly cables and give your construction an elegant and tidy look. In addition, better air circulation.
  • The V100 supports motherboards up to standard ATX, a tower CPU cooler with a maximum height of 160mm, and a VGA expansion slot up to 400mm in length without a hard drive rack. Most importantly, the hidden drive bay design guarantees expansion for more liquid cooling components.

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