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  • Model: UAP-AC-HD-5
  • Weight: 700.00g
  • Dimensions: 0.00in x 8.66in x 1.89in
  • SKU: UAP-AC-HD-5
  • UPC: 810354026119
  • MPN: UAP-AC-HD-5

Build your Wi-Fi network with the UniFi® HD Access Point, part of the Ubiquiti Networks® UniFi Enterprise Wi-Fi System. The UAP-AC-HD, is an indoor/outdoor, high-performance, 802.11AC Wave 2 dual-band access point, capable of throughput speeds of up to 2533 Mbps and a maximum range of up to 122 meters. Engineered from the ground up to take advantage of 802.11AC Wave 2, the UAP-AC-HD provides unparalleled multi-user support.

Technical Information

  • Wireless LAN Standard:   IEEE 802.11ac
  • Frequency Band:   2.40 GHz
  • Frequency Band:   5 GHz
  • Total Number of Antennas:   4
  • Number of Internal Antennas:   4
  • Wireless Transmission Speed:   2.47 Gbit/s


  • Ethernet Technology:   Gigabit Ethernet
  • Number of Network (RJ-45) Ports:   2
  • PoE PD Port:   Yes
  • USB:   Yes

Physical Characteristics

  • Form Factor:   Ceiling Mountable
  • Form Factor:   Wall Mountable
  • Height:   1.89" (48.10 mm)
  • Diameter:   8.66" (220 mm)
  • Weight (Approximate):   700 g

Package Contents:  

  • UniFi AC HD UAP-AC-HD Wireless Access Point
  • Wall/Ceiling Mounting Kits
  • Environmentally Friendly:   Yes
  • Environmental Certification:   WEEE

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