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Ubiquiti Managed Gigabit Switch with SFP

The EdgeSwitch™ Lite simultaneously processes traffic on all ports at line rate without any packet loss. Total non-blocking throughput: up to 26 Gbps for the fanless, 24-port models and up to 70 Gbps for the 48-port models.

Enterprise-Class Features

The EdgeSwitch™ Lite supports an extensive suite of advanced Layer-2 switching features and protocols and also provides Layer-3 routing capability.

Optical Fiber Backhaul

Two SFP ports support uplinks of up to 1 Gbps. For high-capacity uplinks, each 48-port model includes two SFP+ ports for uplinks of up to 10 Gbps.


  • Total Number of Network Ports:   48
  • Uplink Port:   Yes
  • Modular:   No
  • Stack Port:   No
  • Port/Expansion Slot Details:   2 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Slot
  • Port/Expansion Slot Details:   2 x Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Slot
  • Port/Expansion Slot Details:   48 x Gigabit Ethernet Network

Media & Performance

  • Media Type Supported:   Optical Fiber
  • Media Type Supported:   Twisted Pair
  • Ethernet Technology:   Gigabit Ethernet
  • Network Technology:   10/100/1000Base-TX
  • Network Technology:   1000Base-X
  • Network Technology:   10GBase-X

I/O Expansions

  • Number of Total Expansion Slots:   4
  • Expansion Slot Type:   SFP+
  • Expansion Slot Type:   SFP
  • Number of SFP Slots:   2
  • Number of SFP+ Slots:   2

Network & Communication

  • Layer Supported:   3

Management & Protocols

  • Manageable:   Yes

Power Description

  • Power Source:   Power Supply
  • Redundant Power Supply Supported:   No

Physical Characteristics

  • Compatible Rack Unit:   1U
  • Form Factor:   Rack-mountable
  • Form Factor:   Wall Mountable

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