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The ViewSonic PA503W price-performance projector features 3,600 lumens, native WXGA 1280x800 resolution, and an intuitive, user-friendly design. Exclusive SuperColor technology offers a wider color range for lifelike image projection. The PA503w also features extensive connectivity including HDMI, 2 x VGA in, Composite Video, 1 x VGA output, and Audio in/out. An energy-saving SuperEco feature reduces power consumption by up to 70% and extends the lamp life by up to 10,000 hours. With advanced audiovisual features, flexible connectivity options, and an affordable price, the PA503W is ideal for use in education and small business environments.

Primary Information

  • Display Type: DLP Projector
  • Display / Color Support: 1.07 Billion Colors
  • Optical Zoom: 1.1 x


  • Image Brightness: 3600.00 ANSI lumen
  • Image Contrast Ratio: 22000:1
  • Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Max Image Size: 300 Inch
  • Min Image Size: 30 Inch
  • Native Resolution: 1280 x 800
  • Max Throw Distance: 10.98 M
  • Min Throw Distance: 1 M


  • Width: 11.57 Inch
  • Depth: 4.33 Inch
  • Height: 8.58 Inch
  • Weight: 2.21 Kg


  • Power Consumption Operational: 260 Watt

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