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XTRFY K4 TKL Gaming Keyboard - White

The K4 features what you need to step your game up. Performance for the highest level. Bang for the buck. No excuses.

  • Stand out in-game and IRL: The M4 comes in 3 different color versions including a retro edition so that your mouse will leave an impression not only in-game but IRL
  • Tenkeyless Design: Minimalistic on your desk. Compact on the go. The K4 TKL is the tenkeyless version of the K4. Just as sturdy. Just as fast. Only smaller.
  • Mechanical Switches trusted by pros: Approved by elite gamers, Xtrfy’s pro-grade keyboards come equipped with Kailh red mechanical key switches. A lighter touch, faster actuation, and a lifetime of 70 million keystrokes.
  • Unlimited accuracy for split-second reactions: 1000 Hz polling rate makes for instant registration of every keypress, while full N-key rollover means zero missed keystrokes no matter how many you press at once.
  • Crisp RGB LEDs: Six-zone color customization. Numerous backlight and typing effects. The K4 features an impactful RGB lighting, using elevated DIP LEDs for crisp illumination of every key.
  • No Software. No hassle: Switch settings and LED modes on the fly and say goodbye to cumbersome software. All adjustments are made directly on the keyboard.
  • Pro-Grade Durability: The K4 is built to provide long-lasting performance at the highest level of competitive play. With a metal plate construction, reinforced PCB, and casing along with highly durable key switches, you’ll leave nothing to chance.

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