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Antec’s High Current Pro Platinum series is the pinnacle of power supplies. High Current Pro Platinum is fully modular with a revolutionary 20Plus8-pin MBU socket for the needs of tomorrow. By using a PSU that is 80 PLUS PLATINUM and ErP Lot 6: 2013 certified, operating up to 94Percent efficiency, you can reduce your electricity bill by up to 25Percent when compared to many other power supplies. HCP Platinum’s innovative 16-pin sockets create a new level of flexibility by doubling the modular connectivity, supporting two different 8-pins connectors and even future connectors of 10, 12, 14 or 16-pins. All cables are darkened to become Stealth Wires and are thus nearly invisible in your chassis. 4 High Current Rails and a 100Percent Plus12V output ratio maximize HCP-1000 Platinum’s capabilities to power the latest CPU’s and GPU’s. HCP Platinum’s PhaseWave Design is a server-class “full-bridge-Inch LLC design with a synchronous rectification based on a DC-DC topology. All Japanese capacitors achieve unprecedented tight voltage regulation and low ripple and noise to maximize your system’s performance. Antec’s intelligent Thermal Manager fan control spins the high-quality 13.5cm DBB fan optimally to cool your PSU quietly. CircuitShield makes the HCP-1000 Platinum safe and reliable in any environment with its nine industrial-grade protections. The HCP-1000 Platinum embodies everything a power supply can accomplish today.

Technical Details

  • Brand Name Antec
  • Model HCP-1000 PLATINUM
  • Model Year 2012
  • Part Number HCP-1000 PLATINUM
  • Operating System N/A
  • Processor Model Number HCP-1000 PLATINUM
  • Number Of Items 1
  • Noise Level 38 dB
  • Wattage 1000 watts
  • Are Batteries Included No
  • Batteries Required No
  • Form Factor ATX
  • Device Type Power Supply
  • Digital Media Format CD-ROM

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