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Antec Kühler H2O K Series K240 RGB

The integration of the water pump and radiator prevents the CPU from being damaged by vibration, and it also improves the efficiency of thermal control. The super-thin CPU block not only avoids incompatibility with special heat sinks but also protects the motherboard from deforming due to the weight of the CPU cooler. PTFE Tubing reduces liquid loss. It also resists corrosion and aging. The PWM fan provides high airflow and stronger thermal control for the CPU.

Technical Details

  • Brand Antec
  • Model K240 RGB
  • Item Weight 1.92 Kg
  • Package Dimensions 32.6 x 21 x 16 cm
  • Item model number K240 RGB
  • Additional Features RGB LED Ultra Thin Pump, Ultra-Efficient RGB LED PWM Radiator Fans, Water Pressure of 1.0 Meters High, SATA Power, PTFEE Teflon Coated Tubing, RGB LIghting
  • Included Components Cooler

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