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Lexmark B2442dw - Workgroup - Monochrome - Laser

Strike the perfect balance of performance and affordability in small-workgroup mono printing with the up-to 42 page-per-minute Lexmark B2442dw, featuring standard two-sided printing, enhanced security and standard Wi-Fi.


  • Printer Type: Workgroup
  • Printer Technology: Laser
  • Printer Interface: Wi-Fi; USB 2.0
  • Printer Speed: 40 ppm
  • Printer Output: Monochrome
  • Print Max Resolution ( B&W ): 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi
  • Duplex Printout: Automatic
  • Printer Language Simulation: XPS; PCL 6; PCL 5E; PDF 1.7; PostScript 3
  • Duty Cycle: 100,000 pages and more
  • First Page Out: 6.25 seconds
  • Processor / Clock Speed: 1.00 GHz
  • RAM / Total Installed Size: 512.00 MB


  • Printer / Media Type: Card stock, Envelopes, Labels, Plain paper, Transparencies
  • Printer Media Size (Standard): A4 (8.25 in x 11.7 in)
  • Printer / Total Media Capacity: 350 sheets


  • Model: B2442dw
  • Power / Battery
  • Power Consumption Operational: 570 Watt

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