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The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop helps you stay comfortable during long hours in front of the computer. The ergonomic keyboard features a split keyset design, cushioned palm rest and separate number pad. The mouse features innovative navigation features, including a Windows button, back button, and four-way scroll wheel.

  • Connectivity Type Wireless
  • Connectivity USB
  • Bluetooth No
  • Ergonomic Design Yes
  • Built-in Trackpad/Touchpad No
  • Backlit Keys No
  • Mechanical Keys No
  • LCD Display No
  • Designed For Gaming No
  • Battery
  • Solar Powered No
  • Battery Life Indicator Yes
  • Rechargeable No
  • Compatibility Windows; Mac
  • System Requirements Windows 8; Windows RT1; Windows 7; Mac OS 10.4 or better

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