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Watch television come to life right in your living room with this 50" 4K UHD Smart TV Virtuoso from RCA. The LED display offers 4 times the resolution of 1080p and has 4K Color for stunning and life-like images. Do more with RCA SMART TV VIRTUOSO· RCA SMART TV VIRTUOSO operating system lets you access apps, record what's on screen, pair your Bluetooth devices, use the TV as a music player, browse the web, and more·Apps: Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, AccuWeather, Mirracast Rx, Vudu, Pandora 4K UHD Pixel-perfect technology· Stunning 4K UHD resolution is 4x that of Full HD, so you see amazingly vivid colors and picture details that'll blow you away· LED technology features 16.7 MILLION pixels that bring vibrant color, rich blacks, and infinite contrast to bring all your classic movies, F1 highlights, and safari documentaries to life· 

  • Max. Resolution:3840*2160· 
  • Aspect ratio:16:9· 
  • Contrast Ratio (Type):4000:1· 
  • Brightness (Type):300 cd/m2· 
  • Response Time (Gray to Gray):5ms
  • Audio System · Amplifier · Speakers:2X8WOutput 
  • Terminals · RF Input X1· CVBS Input X1· CVBS/Ypbpr Audio Input R,L X1· Ypbpr Input X1· RJ45 input X1· HDMI Input X3· Coaxial out X1· USB X2Output Terminals · earphone x1· Coaxial out x1Power Supply · Power Input AC 100-240V 50/60HZ· Max. Power Consumption 108W· 
  • Power Saving <0.5W

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