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Samsung 27" Monitor S27E450D

Environmentally Friendly With Approximately 30% Recycled Plastic, Less Than 0.005w Off-mode Power Consumption, Eco Features To Reduce Power Consumption When The Monitor Is In Use And Fully Recyclable Packaging, This Is The Perfect Value Monitor For The Environmentally-conscious Business. Impressive Picture Quality The Led-backlit Lcd Screen Delivers Sharp, Bright And Beautiful Images. Mega Infinity Dynamic Contrast Ratio Helps To Ensure Subtle Detail Even In The Lights And Darks, And Magicangle Technology Delivers Quality Color Even When Viewed Off-angle. Slim Design That Fits Any Desk The Sleek, Stylish Design And Low Profile Stand Take Up Less Desk Space And Contribute To A cleaner-looking Office. The Built-in Cable Management Feature Also Adds To A Clutter-free Work Environment. Ergonomic, Adjustable Stand The Monitor Swivels, Tilts, Pivots And Is Height-adjustable. And Since It Is Vesa Compatible, Installation On A Wall Or Separate Mounting Arms Is Easy. Fast, Easy Connectivity Vga, Dvi And Displayport Provide Flexibility In High-speed Connectivity. So Whatever Devices Your Employees Need To Connect Today Or In The Future, This Monitor Keeps Everyone's Options Open. Option To Add Rich Stereo Sound Add Stereo Sound To Your Business Monitor Without Taking Up Any Additional Desk Space. The Spu10* Speaker Bar Accessory Features RMS Output Power Of 2.5w And Delivers Full-range Sound. So You Can Improve The Quality Of Multimedia Presentations, Streaming Videos Or Web-based Seminars.

Technical Details

  • Brand Name Samsung
  • Model LS27E45KDHG/GO
  • Part Number LS27E45KDHG/GO
  • Hardware Interface VGA, DisplayPort
  • Response Time 5 milliseconds
  • Scanner Resolution FHD 1080p
  • Display Technology LED
  • Display Size 27 inches
  • Display Type LED
  • Aspect Ratio 1.78:1
  • Max Vertical Resolution 1080 pixels
  • Are Batteries Included No
  • Batteries Required No
  • Connector Type VGA, DisplayPort, USB, DVI
  • Mounting Type Wall Mount
  • Contains Liquid Contents No

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